eeyore's thistly hideaway (classic style)
about eeyore

Eeyore, a very gloomy, blue-gray donkey, is stuffed with sawdust. Despite this, Eeyore is a very intelligent animal, although he keeps most of his knowledge to himself. That's why he is very quiet most of the time and a bit depressed.

Eeyore lives at the 100 Acre Wood Southeast, in his 'Gloomy Place'. His favourite food is thistles. Eeyore loves being remembered on his birthday and hates being bounced.

Eeyore biggest problem is that his tail keeps coming off (he has lost it many times). His other concern is that his house keeps falling down (he has to rebuild it again, and again, and again.....).

Ralph Wright provided the voice for Eeyore for the Disney Winnie the Pooh movies.

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