eeyore's thistly hideaway (classic style)
frequently asked questions

  1. Who created Eeyore's Thistly Hideaway? Michelle and Russell Milliner created this site on the Internet in 1996. It is probably the longest living Eeyore website still in existance. Michelle is an avid collector of anything to do with Eeyore. Since we live in Orlando, FL, only 45 minutes from Walt Disney World, there is plenty to collect.

  2. Who created the graphics? Most of the graphics on this site were scanned in by us, or retrieved from other sites on the Internet.

  3. Can we put more images up of other characters? This is a site dedicated to Eeyore, and to avoid using too many pictures from each book. If we used all of the pictures and Eeyore quotes, there would be no reason to go and buy the books!

A simple little site by Russell Milliner